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Commercial Landscaping and Residential Property Maintenance

Serving the greater Columbia, South Carolina area.

Commerical Landscaper in Columbia, South Carolina
Trifecta Landscaping South Carolina


Trifecta landscaping was launched in 2017 for one purpose; to transform the midlands one property at a time. This transformation is both a physical one for you as a customer, but also personally for the employees as they joyfully serve and grow in their personal development, professional skills, and trade.

The company has grown year over year into having a multitude of crews, dozens of employee's, and hundreds of customers. At Trifecta, we understand wanting to keep your outdoor space looking at its best, as often and continual as possible. Your time is at a premium, and we want to be able to give you as much of it as we can, back. The Trifecta family can handle your property maintenance needs. Contact us today to find out how we can help you keep your commercial or residential property well manicured and beautfied all year round.

The co-owners of Trifecta are Alex and Faith Kirby, who reside in the Ballentine area with their 3 small children: Sage (4), Callaway (2), and Titus (Newborn). Faith and Family are the most important things to the Kirby's. They reflect this in the way that they run and operate Trifecta, with a 4 day work week, PTO, paid holidays, and many other benefits to their employee's.


Our highest priority is serving our community. We individually thrive when we serve together.



First impressions are important in today’s world. A well-maintained landscape increases the aesthetics and property value of your space. Let our team create a personalized look for your commercial landscape!
Our company is able to operate efficiently by dividing each aspect of work into specialized crews. This separation allows us to ensure that quality work is performed at each property, no matter the size.
Customer service is also a top priority for us at Trifecta.  Our team handles requests in a timely manner, with great response time and professionalism.



Everyone wants their landscaping to look great, but sometimes finding the time to maintain it yourself can be a challenge. For optimal results, put your trust in the Trifecta Landscaping team to keep your outdoor space looking beautiful.

At Trifecta Landscaping, we are committed to helping our customers create and maintain beautiful, healthy, thriving outdoor living spaces. One way we do that is with our professional landscaping and property maintenance services. Call 803-422-0257 today for a free on-site quote.

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