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Property cleanups are a necessary part of having any type of landscaping. The crews at Trifecta Landscaping can handle whatever cleanup you can throw at them.

‘Tis the season for property cleanup. No matter if it’s winter, spring, summer, or fall—if you have landscaping, there is cleanup involved. Instead of spending your valuable time and energy on lawn work, let the team at Trifecta Landscaping keep your landscaping looking great year-round with our professional property cleanup services.


Whether you have a small lawn or a huge estate, a commercial property, or a rental income property, we can handle your landscape cleanup.

Spring cleanup includes:

  • Tree and shrub trimming and pruning

  • Seasonal planting

  • Clearing leaves and branches

  • Hauling debris

  • Clearing old composting and decaying mulch

  • Install new mulch

  • Weeding and clearing garden and flower beds

  • Prepping flower and garden beds for planting

  • Re-edging and redefining lawn borders

  • Seeding or replacing sod in areas with damaged or thinning grass

  • Testing and servicing sprinkler system

Fall cleanup includes:

  • Fertilize grass

  • Rake leaves and haul away

  • Trim trees and shrubs to prep for winter

  • Till garden beds and pull up dead annuals

  • Apply mulch

  • Winterize sprinkler system

  • Pull up and haul away dead trees, shrubs, and plants


Imagine doing all of the cleanup for your property by yourself? It takes time and energy to manage the work to transition properly from one season to the next. Of course, your time is valuable, and doing the job right is important to the health and appearance of your landscaping.

The crews at Trifecta Landscaping have the experience to get your property cleaned up and looking great in any season. In fact, when you hire our team, we come in with a crew to take care of the cleanup quickly, efficiently, and affordably. Our goal is to help maintain your outdoor space. We can give you a free quote for your property cleanup and customize the work to fit your needs and your budget. Contact us today.

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